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::Memori disebalik foto...

(Gambar atas)Ini adalah gambar Phan Thi Kim dalam keadaan bogel kerana
terkena bom api dari tentera Amerika berlari
dari kampung halamannya yang musnah di bom oleh tentera Amerika 
menggunakan bom yang paling digeruni ketika itu,iaitu "Bom Napalm".
Dan sebahagian badannya melecur akibat bom tersebut.

(Gambar atas)Dan ini adalah gambar beliau sekarang....

Beliau adalah aktivis membantu mangsa perang di Vietnam

Berikut adalah cerita beliau disebalik foto tersebut....

Phan Thi Kim Phuc
by Born: Trang Bang, South Vietnam, 1963

It is a photograph that few are likely to forget. A little girl, her clothes seared from her body by a Napalm bomb, runs screaming from her burning village. Her arms are outstretched in terror and pain.

For many, this photograph–which would go on to win a Pulitzer Prize for AP photographer Nick Ut–epitomized the tragedy of the Vietnam war. The village of Trang Bang was damaged on June 8, 1972 during an ariel attack on suspected Viet Cong locations. Many were killed and a little girl's life was changed forever.

Though terribly burned, that little girl did survive. Nick Ut placed her in a vehicle and rushed her to the hospital. Kim endured fourteen months of painful rehabilitation for the third degree burns over more than half her body.

As an adult, Kim would be forced to abandon medical school following renewed international interest in the "symbol of the people's war." After an appeal to the head of the Vietnamese government, she was allowed to leave the country to resume her studies. Kim met her future husband while studying in Cuba, and was, by this time, determined to defect to the West. On their honeymoon in 1992, the couple disembarked during plane refueling in Gander, Newfoundland, Canada and defected.

Settled in a new country with a young family, Kim's story continues. While there have been confusion and disagreement about the bombing–who ordered it, where it actually took place, what the target was–the fact that Kim became another innocent victim of war is unchangeable. Now, she uses her notoriety to speak for peace. In November 1997, Kim was named a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Earlier in 1997, she founded the Kim Foundation in Chicago, to help innocent victims of war.

What is perhaps most stunning about Kim Phuc is the peace that radiates from her in person. She is not angry. She is not bitter against her government or anyone else involved in the war. In fact, Kim's greatest passion is healing. In 1996, she travelled to the United States to meet Nick Ut and the doctors who had operated on her in Saigon. On Veteran's Day that same year, Kim spoke at the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial in Washington, DC. Her message expressed the need for healing and reconciliation for all those who'd been involved in the war.

What makes this possible? Perhaps a better question is "Who makes this possible?" And the answer is God.

Kim's gentle spirit and quiet determination are products of her relationship with a loving Heavenly Father. Kim discovered a God who could empathize with her pain, and who could heal it. Her body bears the scars of a brutal childhood experience, but her spirit is whole.

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